The Perfect Table Solution for Your Warehouse

Say goodbye to your beat-up melamine and embrace the convenience of our Metal Tabletops. Designed to showcase clothing, books, food, and more, these tabletops are durable, functional, and incredibly convenient.

Simple Installation and Durability:

  • Our Metal Tabletops easily replace the need for melamine by capping the existing standard green and orange steel in your warehouse.
  • No hardware is required – set the tabletop on top of the steel for a hassle-free installation process.
  • Made with perforated steel sheeting, they offer a clean look without sharp edges or large holes like expanded steel to prevent snags, cuts, and rips.
  • You can choose tabletops with or without stiffeners for additional convenience, support, and load-bearing capacity.

Versatility and Options:

  • We offer Metal Tabletops in white, 9′ length sections, suitable for various display needs.
  • Warehouses can choose between a narrow fit for green uprights without spacer brackets or a wide fit for those using 12″ spacers to connect the green uprights.
  • We make custom easy, if you’d like a shorter length, or want it narrower to set inside the steel we can fabricate tabletops to your specifications.

Experience the Difference:
Upgrade your warehouse displays with our Metal Tabletops, offering durability, functionality, and convenience. Showcase your merchandise with ease while ensuring a clean and safe environment. Say goodbye to traditional tabletops and embrace the efficiency of our metal solution!

Discover the benefits of our Metal Tabletops and transform your warehouse displays today!

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