High-Capacity Clothing Hang Bars & Accessories: Maximize Space, Minimize Hassle

Spring is here and that means new styles hitting your warehouse floor! But with more clothes comes the challenge of keeping your warehouse floor space organized and attractive.  This is where CSource’s High-Capacity Clothing Hang Bars come in.

More Clothes, Less Clutter

Tabletops can quickly become overcrowded, making it difficult for customers to browse and for staff to keep things tidy.  CSource’s High-Capacity Clothing Hang Bars boast a superior weight capacity compared to other models, allowing you to showcase more garments without sacrificing stability.

Transform Your Sales Floor

The modular design of these hang bars is key. They easily mount directly onto existing green steel uprights and come with a variety of accessories to personalize your display.  Telescoping poles adjust in length to perfectly fit your space, while vertical display arms and extension brackets let you create dynamic displays that catch customers’ eyes.

ABOVE: Shown here with (4) sets of High Capacity Clothing Hang Bars (HB-2) stacked and using (2) Hang Bar Extension (HB-3) brackets to create a continuous 18′ hanging section.

Effortless Setup & Storage

Forget about cumbersome, time-consuming assembly. CSource’s High-Capacity Clothing Hang Bars feature a knock-down design that allows for quick setup and storage. Plus, the HangBar PALette Storage Solution makes organizing these bars between seasons a breeze.

Benefits for Everyone

With CSource’s High-Capacity Clothing Hang Bars, your customers will enjoy a more convenient browsing experience, while your staff will spend less time wrestling with overcrowded displays.  This translates to increased sales and a happier workforce – a win-win for everyone!

Showcase the latest styles and hottest seasonal items with a modular design that lets you customize your displays to perfection. Say goodbye to overflowing clothing racks and hello to a more organized, visually appealing sales floor!

March 1, 2024
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