Large Modular TBars: The Flexible Solution for Every Display Need

We’ve learned that warehouse merchandising teams are masters at creating engaging displays, often utilizing TBars to showcase everything from signage to seasonal products. But traditional, fully welded TBars can be limiting and inefficient. This is where CSource’s Large Modular TBars offer a game-changing advantage.

Unleash Your Design Potential

Unlike the fully welded concept, CSource’s Large Modular TBars offer unmatched customization.  The modular design allows you to easily swap out verticals and horizontals for varying heights and widths.  This means you can create displays that perfectly suit your specific needs, no matter the product.

Sturdy Lock™ Technology

CSource’s innovative Sturdy Lock™ technology ensures a secure connection without sacrificing ease of use.  These TBars assemble and disassemble quickly, making them ideal for constantly evolving displays.  The Sturdy Lock™ lugs act as a double wall, reinforcing the joints and preventing damage under tension from signage.

Safe & Efficient

Traditional TBars are bulky and awkward to store, often taking up valuable space or rusting outdoors.  CSource’s modular design eliminates this problem.  The disassembled components can be easily stored on a PALette™ TBar Storage Solution, maximizing your space and minimizing damage.  Plus, the modularity allows you to reuse existing elements, saving you money on new fixtures.

CSource prioritizes the safety of your employees.  The modular design of these TBars makes disassembly a breeze, reducing the risk of work-related injuries from heavy lifting and awkward maneuvering.

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April 1, 2024
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