Revamp Table & Pallet Displays

Discover the ultimate solution for enhancing your table and pallet displays with our Small Clothing TBar (TB-2). Designed to seamlessly interface with our large storable TBars and TBar shelving systems, these compact TBars offer the same benefits in a smaller form factor.

Create Impressive Displays

Customizable Display Options: The CSource Clothing Display Arm (TBA-1/2) attaches to the crossbar, allowing for an effortless display of hanging merchandise, maximizing visibility and appeal. Modularity means you can easily adjust the height and width by swapping out components to make your TBars the right size for your display.

Other Key Features

Whether you’re setting up a table or pallet display, our CSource Clothing TBars are here to elevate your showcasing experience. With their seamless integration, you can combine them with larger TBars and shelving systems for a cohesive and impactful display setup.

Table and Pallet Use
This small, light design is perfect for use on tables or pallet stacks, our CSource Clothing TBars bring efficiency and functionality to your various displays.

Seamless Integration
The 2″ style flawlessly interfaces with our other TBars, shelving, and storage systems, creating a unified and versatile display solution that is easy to use.

Custom Display Options
We have an even lighter 1″ style version of Small Clothing Tbars as well as the options for 2pc & 3pc modularity and various base options to fit your needs.

Experience the Difference

Upgrade your table and pallet displays with our Small Clothing TBars (TB-2). Elevate your merchandise showcasing with the convenience, versatility, and functionality of our compact yet powerful TBar solution.

Enhance Efficiency & Appeal

Maximize the visibility of your hanging merchandise with our TBar Clothing Display Arm (TBA-1/2). Enjoy the same benefits as our large storable TBars while focusing on creating compelling displays that catch the eye.

Discover how our CSource Clothing TBars can transform your displays and create captivating setups that leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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